Saturday 27 July 2019

#TradeInPolicy Update for #Violins #Violas #Cellos

Due to the popularity of our trade in service and because we are constantly asked to consider instruments outside the range of our trade in policy we have decided to expand our terms for 2019!

Our current trade in policy for Violins Violas and Cellos allows for any instrument bought from us to be traded in, if kept in good condition: the trade in rate is a flat rate of up to half the original purchase, dependent on condition; to be redeemed against a purchase of equal or greater value or a credit note of equal value.
We reserve the right to refuse trade ins if the condition is poor or if purchased from a third party, or if modified.

For 2019 we are delighted to announce that our trade in policy is expanding!!
We will now consider for trade in instruments NOT originally purchased from us (third party trade ins.)
If you have an instrument you would like to offer for trade in, please do the following:

  1. Bring the instrument for inspection (you can do this at any time, if you want to know in advance what the trade in value would be*)
  2. Provide the original purchase price of the instrument (with receipts if possible)
  3. If you do not know the original price, we will try to ascertain a trade in value for you.
Trade In rates for 3rd party 
Please Note: Trade In rates may be less that for our own instruments and we offer these rates solely as a goodwill gesture. It may well be more profitable to sell privately, if less convenient. 

 We reserve the right to refuse trade in without further discussion, based on make, condition or modifications. We will not guarantee to accept third party trade ins.
We do not consider for any trade in instruments that are damaged, have cracks, very marked or scratched. Damage to bows and cases also affects value.
 We do not consider for trade in Lark, Sky lark, Antonio brands.

* Please note we do not value instruments, we will only discuss trade in value

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