Tuesday 10 April 2007

Happy Easter!

Well I hope all our customers had as lovely an Easter break as we did; and that you are all enjoying the sunshine. It's a little worry because it really does look as if global warming may exist but on the other hand - well, it make s a change from wading into the city centre in wellies doesn't it? Every cloud has a silver lining....
Seriously though, if you are intrested in the environment check out our recycling policy!We take other people's paper bags and plastic bags and recycle them out - all those lovely fashion bags that are strong enough for another use but not much good to you sitting at home, clogging up the wardrobe or filling up your recycling bin!
If you avhe clean, untorn, paper or plastic bags, fold them up[ and next time you're in town drop them into us. It's one small thing we can all do for the environment.

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Charles Byrne Musik Ins,

Charles Byrne Musik Ins,

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