Friday 29 January 2010

Happy New Year (belated)

Well an exciting start to the New Year - we had almost a week off because of the snow (how long ago does that seem? hard to believe it was only a couple of weeks ago I was looking out at three feet of snow and chanting "snow day!") and then since getting back in we have had a busy couple of weeks. Including one memorable day where the lights all went out and we sat in the dark and froze for 2 hours til it got fixed. Then it blew again and we sat for another two hours, in the dark, and it finally got properly fixed. Very exciting stuff.

So what have we in store for 2010? well hopefully lots of news on concerts and mucisal events. Starting with an excellent Classical Music concert!

Sunday 31st January - National Gallery of Ireland
Moya O'Grady Cello
David O'Doherty Violin
Catherine Lemoni Piano
Geraldine O'Doherty Harp
plus guests.

Customers who have bought the excellent Fugato CD by the same performers will not want to miss this. ADM €10 (conc €7)

Hope you are all having an excellent new year so far. With a bit of luck we'll see signs of Sping soon, considering February 1st is just a few days away - til then, have a great weekend and check out the concert above!

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