Thursday 30 June 2011

Unique to Dublin July 1st and 2nd..10% off Bodhrans

As part of BID's excellent Unique to Dublin initiative this weekend, We are offering 10% discount on all Bodhráns Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July! Handmade and traditionally made, these great instruments really are Ireland's unique traditional drum. Prices range from €29.95 to €295 including covers and beaters - ALL ten percent off.


July 1st (tomorrow) is Fiver Friday!

July 1st Friday Fiver!

FIVER FRIDAY - LIVELINE AND JOE DUFFY are delighted to take part in Liveline's Joe duffy's excellent initiative, Fiver Friday. Spend a fiver locally on Friday July 1st and support your local businesses. As a reward, avail of lots of Fiver Friday offers! Our Offer - Any purchase between 5 and 8 euro...yours for a FIVER - Any purchase between 10 and 16 euro....yours for a TENNER Buying something else on Friday? Sad to miss the opportunity? We will give you a voucher to use ANY DAY !! So call in on Friday July 1st and whatever you buy you'll be part of Fiver Friday. Books, Strings, accessories, tin whistles and more all qualify.


Tuesday 28 June 2011

Fiver Friday: Liveline offer July 1st

Geraldine was just on Liveline talking to the delectable Joe Duffy about the Liveline Friday Fiver offer for July 1st.
Our offer is any purchase up to €8 for a fiver! Strings that are 6.95 and 7.95 - a fiver! or you can get 8 x €1 items for a fiver, we don't mind. And if you buy two sets of strings (or two of any item) that are normally between five and eight euro - we'll do it for ten euro.
SO come on in on Friday and let's add a little music and mayhem to Fiver Friday.

Fame at Last: Charlie on Italian TV this summer

Well Charlie himself will be interviewed on Italian TV soon; he's no stranger to print and radio interviews although this may be his first TV one. Some favourite interviews over the years have included one he did for the students in Rathmines College of Commerce, a radio documentary for Lyric FM on buying a first violin and a wonderful print interview, later part of a book Trade Names , by Rose Doyle for the Irish Times.

We are looking forward now to seeing what the Italian interview is like and what they are looking for! Details will be shared as we find them out.

Friday 24 June 2011

What makes the Strad so Special?

Very interesting BBC article online

We often get asked if the violin someone has found in the attic is a Strad. Often the fact that the instrument is old and has a label marked "fecit anno domini 17XX" with mentions of Cremona, has the excited owner convinced it's the real and genuine article.
Sadly this is (to date) not the case. We may yet find that one of these instruments is indeed the product of the great master but so far, no; they are almost uniformly Victorian handmade or factory hand crafted copies. The rest may be slightly older or more modern. Some are fiendishly clever - right down to the fake "reduction" of the neck as if to imply it was originally a strad period length. Others are shiny and glossy and not even of stradivarian dimensions.

Many of the instruments labelled Stradivarius are not bad violins. They are decent, middle range instruments sometimes worth 2-3,000e depending on the standard of making involved. Many are quite standard instruments but again comparable to a well made handmade modern one around 7-1000e and some are dreadful. The label is not always a trick to defraud; it was perfectly understood that it meant "in the manner of" or "a copy of" a strad. Concepts of copyright and ownership were different and it is really a product of the twentieth century to assume that a label means authenticity.

In the end there are few strads and although one or two may well be discovered it is a little unlikely that great aunt Mary's old fiddle is one, no matter what the label says. However if you like the instrument and the sound is worth the asking price (the only true estimation of an instrument's real worth) then enjoy it. And maybe dream a little that the great man's hands did indeed fashion it, many moons ago.

Saturday 4 June 2011

ProCathedral, SInging Workshop for Kids!

Summer Fun in Dublin for Young Singers at the ProCathedral Singing Workshop for kids aged 8-15 years. From Monday 15 August to Friday 19th August/Saturday 20th August Blánaid Murphy, director of the Palestrina Choir and St Mary's Pro-Cathedral Girls' Choir will be running this excellent workshop for aspiring young singers. Also participating will be course assistant Darren Magee, organ scholar at the Pro-Cathedral.

The course promises to help young singers improve their voice, sing in groups and small ensembles, explore the world of song, develop a good choral technique, have fun singing with others and experience a variety of styles including Gospel, spiritual and traditional.

The workshop costs €100 with family rates available. Applications must be received on or before Monday August 8th 2011. Because there are limited places available early application is advised. Further details are available from 01-8745441 *

* This is an information blog only, Charles Byrne Musik Ins is not associated with the course in any way.

Friday 3 June 2011

And the winner is....

Congratulations! to Lora Rai, whose name was drawn as the winner of our thirty euro gift voucher!
Runners up were Audrey Twyford, Herve Estner, Rune Midtsund, Suzy Taylor and Rose Clear who win our notebooks.
Please message Charles Byrne!/CharlesByrneMusicShop and we will post out asap, or call to the shop.

Everyone who entered by liking the page will automatically be entered in the next competition in July; and any new "likes" will eb entered as well. Stand by for details at the end of June.

In the meantime we will continue to bring you news of events and gigs in Dublin and Ireland; product updates; music news and more

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Facebook Competition Winner will be drawn this afternoon !

Well later this afternoon everyone's names will go in a big bag and Charlie himself will pull out the winner! plus five runner ups. Results will be posted here later today or tomorrow morning depending on time (it's a busy day here!)Best of luck to everyone and remember, more competitions in July - all you need is to like our page and you're in every draw.


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