Friday 25 September 2009

Come look in our window! (Douglas Hyde Galley Exhib.)

The lovely piece by Kate Maher for the Douglas Hyde Gallery exhibition The Preponderance of the Small is now officially installed in our window.

You can find us Here ; or download a map to all exhibits Here

The good camera will come out to play tomorrow and hopefully we'll get some better shots of it - the iphone camera doesn't do it justice but we're excited and can't wait to show it off :)

Thursday 24 September 2009

Preponderance of The Small Exhibition (Douglas Hyde Gallery)

Sneak Preview!

This month we're excited to be part of the Preponderance of The Small Exhibition (Douglas Hyde Gallery)
The exhibition is described as :
Preponderance of The Small, an off-site project which forms part of The Douglas Hyde Gallery's ongoing Gallery 3 initiative, features works by twenty-one younger artists working in Ireland.Each artist is exhibiting at one of twenty-one locations in and around Trinity College, creating a trail of artworks.

This is intended to give the viewer the opportunity to look anew at more familiar locations, while also highlighting spaces that are often overlooked.The title, which derives from a hexagram in the Chinese I-Ching, or Book of Changes, points to the great power and value of small things. In a rapidly changing culture, at a time when many of yesterday's monumental gestures have proved to be empty, grandiose artistic statements seem superfluous. This exhibition is intended to question how we attribute value in today's culture, and to suggest that it is in small things that we may find our way forward.

Our piece, an unititled mixed media installation by Kate Maher, is in the larger of our two windows; please feel free to come and look, and pick up a map to the other exhibits.

The exhibition has an online presence in the form of a blog which will be updated during the course of the exhibition; it can be visited at:

Maps to the exhibits can be downloaded at

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Best Value in Classical Covers!

We've managed to get some absolutely great bargains for classical guitar, both basic and padded covers at great prices.

For 1/2 3/4 and 4/4 we have covers starting at €10 - unpadded but strong. Ideal for students. We also have some 1/4 and 1/2 from Winter of Germany at €12.95.

for 4/4 we have padded covers (black) at €15.50 and fabulous black and red heavily padded covers at only €19.95. There's also a limited number of red and wine coloured velvet lined padded covers available now at only €25.

Whether you're studying guitar or just looking for a great xmas present for someone, pop in and have a look. WE do recommend that you bring the guitar to make sure of the fit but they will usually fit most standard spanish guitars.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Special! Teddy Bear recorders.....

The cutest item to come in in months!!

Only €9.95 we predict these will be the most popular stockingfiller ever! A real instrument, soprano (standard) recorder in a lovely teddybear case. Every budding musician will want one!

Thursday 17 September 2009

Xmas comes early this year....

Well not really, but preparing for Xmas comes early this year, in the current recession!

Don't get me wrong, we're traditionalists. Before Christmas, comes Hallow Een or Samhain. Decorations shouldn't go up before December and the famous crib goes in the window the second week of December. Some things are set in stone!

But every year I harbour a fantasy of completing my shopping in October, and avoiding last minute rushing and especially last minute panic purchases - where you spend twice as much for something you are only half sure about. With the R word hanging over us, that alone is a good reason to start looking for affordable gifts that people will love, early rather than later. It's terribly hard to contemplate, with the Back To School rush barely over, but the sooner you get started the more money you'll save and the more you'll spread the cost.

This year, we are hoping to get in our novelties and other favourites early; in the meantime we have some bargains to snap up.
Most of our stationary range (musical designs) is at half price right now! and there are still special offers available on guitar covers (were €39 now €30) Hercules guitar stands start at €24.95 and Cort mini stands (incredibly lightweight and useful) 15.95. Music Stands, sturdy, in various colours start at €19.95 with great music carrier bags from €7.95. Mugs from 7.95 (bone china from €9.95)
plus for children! Glockenspiel (blue case, metal keys, lovely tone) €22.95

More and more will be appearing here over the next few weeks so keep an eye out and snap 'em up early !

Thursday 10 September 2009

Back to School!

September...autumn leaves, junior cert results and the inevitable grind of back to school...and back to music lessons and orchestra too.

Things being tight this year for many people, we find our €155 range "Bon Novice" most popular. We also have them in several sizes (1/4 1/2 and 3/4) secondhand at €120 a lot of the time (we automatically offer them in the size needed if we have them but do feel free to ask!)

People also ask us "what's the difference between these and say, something selling at 80 or 90 euro?" The main difference is of course quality - they are better violins. Then they are finished in our own workrooms, by hand, with pegs strings bridge and sound post all fitted perfectly. This ensures that the student violin produces the best sound it is capable of producing and that it is easy to tune and maintain. Ours are instruments to learn on, rather than toys or kits. And of course you get our after sales service - we can adjust anything, correct any problems or indeed tune it up for you :)

The Pallini at €195 is also prooving very popular especially for s=those who have done grade one and want just a little more from their violin for grade 2/3

Cellos start at €595, although they are almost sold out; and of course the Pallini cello outfit at €795 is as popular as ever.

Manuscripts, resin, music stands, music cases, shoulder rests, bows, and some tutor books
(eg Eta Cohen, Susuki etc) are all important for the student player. We have excellent prices on all these items eg lovely music cases from 7.95 and new violin stands from 15.95 euro

Classical Guitars start at 48 euro for a 1/2 size and 70 euro for the full size; with hand made spanish guitars from under 200 euro.

Quality and value for money count more than ever now - get the best, for less :)

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