Saturday 14 February 2009

You'll love us!

You'll love us and our new deals....

The R word is becoming almost chic now :) it's good fun trying to find bargains and a way to brighten up even the gloomiest day (and god knows there are a lot of gloomy days recently.)

Sadly we've been forced to put up the price of many strings, as manufacturers worldwide get hit by recession; but we did manage to lower the price of Pirastro Cello Strings! Plus we have new strings that offer great sound at really competitive prices : check our Rotosound Strings for mandolin and Uke and our new TGI strings for Guitar (extralight & light acoustic and Classical) only €3.95!

We also have D'addario Classical pro arte at €9.75, steel string at €6.95 and Boston Irish Tenor Banjo at €4.95

it all adds up!

Wednesday 11 February 2009

It's February and that means...

...New Specials, New products, New music!!!

We have some really special new products designed to beat the credit crunch and keep the wolves of recession at bay :)

First up is great news for Traditional musicians with the new Tony Dixon one-piece low D whistle in polymer for only.....€45! Or the New Tony Dixon A whistle €50.
We have a great deal for guitarists....Extra light and Light guage steel strings for €3.95 a set and classical guitar strings €3.95 per set
We have ENO clip on tuners suitable for all stringed instruments (both clip on and mic) only €19.95!

Check back for new Book sale - coming soon and a very special one off Deering handmade Banjo offer!

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