Thursday 26 November 2015

#CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR 2015 - #music #novelties #violin #Dublin #Ireland


Stocking fillers and Gifts under 5
¨ Notebooks and Journals from 3.25 - Postits from 1.25
Gifts from 5 to 20
¨ Handmade journals 8.95 plus other hard back violin themed journals 7.95
Perfect Gift Ideas  10 to 30

Gifts for Children
¨ Glockenspiel  in blue case, 28.95
¨ Tambourines Starmaker with CD and Stickers 7.95 Half Moon Puretone 8.95
¨ Korala Soprano Ukuleles (coloured, wood) in covers 29.95
¨ Puretone Ukes including book and cover 27.50
¨ Korala Concert Ukuleles (Polycarbonate, chambered back) 25.95
¨ Korala Concert Ukulele (Patterned, Polycarbonate, chambered back) 29.95
¨ Makala Waterman Polycarbonate Soprano inc Cover 38
¨ Tin whistles from 4.50
¨ Tin Whistle Packs from 9.50
¨ Recorders from 7.95
1/4  Size Starmaker Nylon Guitar 45.95 inc cover
1/2  Size Puretone Nylon Guitar 51.95 (upgrade to cover for only 5)
1/4 and 1/2 size Hofner Student Guitars 80
¨ Music Carriers from 5.95
¨ Music Stands from 12.95
¨ Tuners from 5.95
¨ Designer Music Cararier with Strap 24.95
¨ Bow Cases for Violin, Cello, Double Bass (Fr and G) 36.95 to 55.95
¨ Huge range of Resins suitable for all grades and styles
¨ Specialist range of Plectrums for all instruments

Puretone UKES inc COVER and BOOK only 27.50 (Two for 50)
Buy any two Korala Coloured Ukuleles with Covers (29.95 each) for 55.00
Free covers (unpadded, strong polyweave) and Mari Strings with all Korala Ukuleles
Upgrade to padded covers from only 5
Free Cover PADDED with all Brunswick Ukes
Free Cover, Tuners with all Kala Ukes

Limited Edition stock
¨ Kala SRMT-TRI Solid Spruce top  only 340 including padded cover, and Aquila strings
¨ Curly Koa Tenor by Lanikai— only 315 including padded cover and Aquila Strings
Free Cover, Tuner and strings with all banjos
Countryman G Banjo Pro limited stock only—RRP 695 NOW 495

Student RED—fully fitted violin, red varnish finish , bow and case 115 (3/4 and 4/4)
Pallini Orchestral Outfit 275 including violin bow and case, fully finished by hand
Cadenza Outfit 325 including violin bow and case, fully finished by hand
Hofner Violin outfits German Handmade from 495
Intermediate Violins from 650

Cases, Covers, Bows, Shoulder rests, Tuners, Metronomes and more
NEW! Cherub Mechanical Metronomes only 25.95 in Black, Pink, Purple or Blue (Bell Function)
NEW! D’addaroi Clamp Micro Tuner for Violin 24.50

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