Thursday 17 December 2009

Ukuleles - from glitter to glorious handmade instruments!

Ukuleles - if there was a prize for "Suddenly the most popular instrument overnight" Ukuleles would win. A few years ago only a handful of people even played the Ukulele and they were mainly die-hard George Formby fans. Then suddenly there was the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and punk bands using Ukes (sometimes they used them as missiles but still...) and the humble Ukulele was back.

There's a lot to be said in favour of the Ukulele; it's small, portable, easy to play, adaptable to different tunings, and even the most expensive are actually relatively cheap in comparison to other instruments. And they are an instrument that both children and adults can take to with equal ease.

The ranges available start with the beginners - coloured ukes in covers €19.95;"fruit" design ukuleles in packs with CD, cover and pick €25.95; Glitter coloured Ukes in packs €25.95; pineapple shaped soprano (Uke only) 27.95

Then you have the more advanced ranges in soprano from €37.95 concert from €65 and tenor from €94.95; Electric -acoustic ranges start at €105 and the beautiful handmade Ukes from €220.

For a fun, accessible, versatile instrument you can't beat the Ukulele!

Wednesday 16 December 2009

Does Spending Less Have to Mean Buying Rubbish?

I think of all the questions we've been asked, this year in particular, the most pertinant and frequent query is - Does spending less mean buying rubbish?
And the answer is, no it doesn't have to.
There are obviously differences between a violin outfit from the basic €155 range and one priced at say €500 or €600. The same is true of every instrument; the beginning ones aim to have a good, clear, pleasant tone and as you move up each level the instrument is made from better woods, and is better made, producing a better, warmer, richer, more nuanced tone. But the key to buying well is to get the most for your money, both right now and for the future.

A beginner rarely needs more than the beginning ranges in any instrument. Any well finished, properly set-up decently made instrument will get them started.
If money is tight right now, buy something that will get them started and will be easy for them to maintain and tune.
If you can stretch further, the advantage is that the better instrument means that they will use it for longer. They will stay on it for a year or more longer than the beginner ranges. If you go much higher, then accordingly that instrument will be able to take them further, for longer.

If you are buying for a child under 12, they will generally need a smaller size and will have to move through various sizes until they reach the full size or adult size. So unless they are particularly advanced one of the beggining ranges will be perfect, and put the extra money into the full size, when they reach that size.

Some instruments, like acoustic guitars, come with a load of great accessories that can be parcelled seperately or given from more than one family member - eg a richwood basic guitar costs 129.95 but it comes with padded cover, electronic tuner, tutor DVD, it really can make someone's christmas.

When "stuck" on an instrument - having outgrown the tone but unable to upgrade right now - consider putting a better set of strings on the instrument. This will help only if the instrument is at least basically decent to start with and if the pegs and other fittings are correct - the best strings in the world won't help really cheap brands like skylark or lark - but a well set-up basic student violin can get a boost from a good set of strings and it can carry you through until you can afford to upgrade.

More and more parents are incorporating accessories/upgrades into the student's Christmas present; if a player is enjoying the instrument as a hobby they are often happy to have a new bow, strings, case, etc as a Christmas present rather than a seperate expense during the year. We have more and more student players who have saved up at least part of the cost themselves which is lovely; and they appreciate the instrument or accessory so much more, not to mention the lesson learned from saving up for something.

At Christmas especially we have many parents looking to buy a small gift for the teacher or orchestra leader - there are many novelty gifts that are both pretty and useful (mugs, stationary, books etc and many are under €10. Teachers appreciate the thought without the parent spending a fortune. If buying for a friend or family member who likes music, but you're not sure what to buy for them again a music themed gift can be a lifesaver - it shows you thought about their hobby / interest but you can buy something like a mug or a tea towel or a phone charm without needing to know much about music!

Santa also shops at Charlie Byrne's - and when he is filling those stockings he likes to buy useful gifts rather than stuff that will be thrown out once the tinsel is down. There are lots of great ideas - like the handy mini reference books for chords or music theory - as well as pretty gifts like badges or treble clef pencils or phone charms - that they'll use and enjoy.

This is a year to think outside the box and use our imaginations - gifts don't have to cost the earth but a thoughtful, appropriate gift is worth the world to someone.

Friday 11 December 2009

Brunswick Acoustic Guitars!

Excellent Value Acoustic Guitars - Natural, Sunburst and Black available. Were €120 - now only €110. Ideal for beginners, at a great price, these guitars have a pleasant sound and easy action, making learning a lot easier.
While Stocks Last!

Thursday 10 December 2009

Richwood Electric Acoustic Guitar Special!

Christmas Special!

Richwood Electric Acoustic Cutaway Guitar €250
Intune Electronic Clip Tuner, Padded Cover,DVD, Strap, Lead
GLX Acoustic Guitar Amp!
(15W-6” Speaker-headhones-chor+delay)

All for only €250 ! ideal for the beginner to intermediate player looking for a little more for their money. Everything you need to get started, including an amp for home use.

Tuesday 8 December 2009

Late Opening Thursday!

Christmas Opening Hours -
We're delighted to announce that for the first time ever, Charles Byrne Musik Ins will be open late on Thursday nights for Xmas. We'll be here until 7pm on Thursday 10th and 17th. On Saturday 12th and 19th we will be open until 6pm, and on Monday 21st we will be open from 9.s0 am to 5.30 pm.
(if looking for an instrument please remember that the last opportunity for viewing instruments is 30 mins before closing.)

We hope these amended opening hours will be of convenience to our customers- you asked, we listened :)

Usual Opening Hours Tuesday to Friday 9-5.30 Saturday 9.30 - 5
Christmas :
December 10th & 17thOpen 9am to 7 pm
December 12th & 19th Open 9.30am til 6pm
December 21st Open 9.30 to 5.30

Christmas Holiday
Closed 25th December Reopen January 5th

Thursday 3 December 2009

Glockenspiel! (I love that word)

Back in Stock, the dotey Glockenspiel in blue case only €25. An ideal gift for any child, with a lovely clear bell-like sound.

Wednesday 2 December 2009

Christmas Cards!

Don't just buy any old Christmas card - buy a music Christmas Card! Lots of designs for every musician, unique and different.
Cards include ranges from €3.95 and €4.95 (handmade)

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Steel String Guitar Packs Special for Xmas 09

Richwood steel string guitar, ideal for beginners - including padded cover, electronic tuner, DVD and strap - all for the excellent price of €129.95!

Limited stock at present, so get in early and get this great bargain!

Thursday 19 November 2009

Chopin Bags - Practical and Pretty!

Another Christmas Special for your delectation...Sturdy Lightweight shopping bags bearing the legend "The Chopin Bag" - practical and pretty and only €6.95
Only limited stock at the moment
These are the perfect size for shopping with strong handles - ideal as a gift for teachers, friends, musicians.

Christmas Specials - Novelties all in!

It's really looking like Christmas now; we have our christmas Musical gifts novelties in! And what's more we have fabulous prices on old favourites and some great new gifts.

Firstly we're delighted the be able to offer our fabulous Christmas Crackers at very special prices. Last year the original crackers, 8 per box with 8 whistles and songsheet, and conductor's set were €19.95 - this year we have them at the unbelievable price of €11.95!

The newly introduced Handbell sets of crackers - 8 crackers, each with a handbell plus hat, and a conductor's songsheet - were €29.95 . This year we have them at €21.95 - making a musical xmas dinner all the sweeter...

Other novelties in today include men's ties - in really excellent new designs including guitars, trumpets, brass, notes and treble clef and more - are now available from only €8.95 (down from €13.95)

Stocking-fillers are coming in fast and furious and we have great offers -

  • NoteCracker books (small and very useful) covering Guitar Chords, Music Theory, Music Jokes & Quotes and Music Trivia each only €3.25

  • Dye-cast collectable Parers - Violin, Harp, Grand Piano, Sax and Electric Guitar only €5.95

  • Treble Clef shaped Drinking Straws in bright colours only €1

  • Treble Clef shaped Pencils in vibrant metallic colours only €1.95

  • Playing Cards in Music Designs (treble clef and sheet music) only €2.95
  • Cufflinks (unboxed) in treble clef and piano keyboard only €8.95

And that's not this space!

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Xmas Comes Early Special Offer: Cello Cases

Xmas Comes Early Special Offers

We'll be running lots of Xmas Comes Early Special Offers throughout November, helping to make the Christmas budget stretch a little further for all our musicians. And to start with we have a fabulous one.

Hiscox Cello cases, with wheels were 420 now €360! and without wheels were €399 now €340

While Stocks last!

We've moved servers....

You still find us at but our host has changed so be sure to update your bookmarks.
We used to be hosted at geocities - now it's

Friday 16 October 2009

Support Gaelscoil Bharra & Tupelo

As heard on RTE Radio 1 this morning and also in the Dublin people - Gaelscoil Bharra in Cabra have been waiting for years for a new - or rather, proper - school to be built. As it is little children are attending lessons in prefabs and portacabins, a situation that should make any Minister of Education ashamed! Now in order to raise both funds and awareness of their plight, Gaelscoil Bharra have launched a great song - "Cá Bhfuil ár Scoil?" - and it is now available from itunes, or from Tower Records in Wicklow Street Dublin, or by texting music 4075m to 57501.

Not only is this school giving a great education to the children attending, it is also one of a number of gaelscoil keeping our national heritage and language alive. It deserves support and it deserves the basics - a safe building for instance - just like every other school. PLEASE support them by downloading the song, it's not expensive but it will make a difference.

(charlie byrne's music shop is not associated with the school or the song, in any way. We just think it's a great cause! If you do too, pass on this message and ask people to download)

Thursday 8 October 2009

Eigenharp - the Sci Fi Bassoon

Is this the future of musical instruments?

The Eigenharp is the brainchild of John Lambert, a musician and software entrepreneur, whose Devon-based team has been working on the project for eight years.

This is amazing, listen to the sound!!

Friday 25 September 2009

Come look in our window! (Douglas Hyde Galley Exhib.)

The lovely piece by Kate Maher for the Douglas Hyde Gallery exhibition The Preponderance of the Small is now officially installed in our window.

You can find us Here ; or download a map to all exhibits Here

The good camera will come out to play tomorrow and hopefully we'll get some better shots of it - the iphone camera doesn't do it justice but we're excited and can't wait to show it off :)

Thursday 24 September 2009

Preponderance of The Small Exhibition (Douglas Hyde Gallery)

Sneak Preview!

This month we're excited to be part of the Preponderance of The Small Exhibition (Douglas Hyde Gallery)
The exhibition is described as :
Preponderance of The Small, an off-site project which forms part of The Douglas Hyde Gallery's ongoing Gallery 3 initiative, features works by twenty-one younger artists working in Ireland.Each artist is exhibiting at one of twenty-one locations in and around Trinity College, creating a trail of artworks.

This is intended to give the viewer the opportunity to look anew at more familiar locations, while also highlighting spaces that are often overlooked.The title, which derives from a hexagram in the Chinese I-Ching, or Book of Changes, points to the great power and value of small things. In a rapidly changing culture, at a time when many of yesterday's monumental gestures have proved to be empty, grandiose artistic statements seem superfluous. This exhibition is intended to question how we attribute value in today's culture, and to suggest that it is in small things that we may find our way forward.

Our piece, an unititled mixed media installation by Kate Maher, is in the larger of our two windows; please feel free to come and look, and pick up a map to the other exhibits.

The exhibition has an online presence in the form of a blog which will be updated during the course of the exhibition; it can be visited at:

Maps to the exhibits can be downloaded at

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Best Value in Classical Covers!

We've managed to get some absolutely great bargains for classical guitar, both basic and padded covers at great prices.

For 1/2 3/4 and 4/4 we have covers starting at €10 - unpadded but strong. Ideal for students. We also have some 1/4 and 1/2 from Winter of Germany at €12.95.

for 4/4 we have padded covers (black) at €15.50 and fabulous black and red heavily padded covers at only €19.95. There's also a limited number of red and wine coloured velvet lined padded covers available now at only €25.

Whether you're studying guitar or just looking for a great xmas present for someone, pop in and have a look. WE do recommend that you bring the guitar to make sure of the fit but they will usually fit most standard spanish guitars.

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Special! Teddy Bear recorders.....

The cutest item to come in in months!!

Only €9.95 we predict these will be the most popular stockingfiller ever! A real instrument, soprano (standard) recorder in a lovely teddybear case. Every budding musician will want one!

Thursday 17 September 2009

Xmas comes early this year....

Well not really, but preparing for Xmas comes early this year, in the current recession!

Don't get me wrong, we're traditionalists. Before Christmas, comes Hallow Een or Samhain. Decorations shouldn't go up before December and the famous crib goes in the window the second week of December. Some things are set in stone!

But every year I harbour a fantasy of completing my shopping in October, and avoiding last minute rushing and especially last minute panic purchases - where you spend twice as much for something you are only half sure about. With the R word hanging over us, that alone is a good reason to start looking for affordable gifts that people will love, early rather than later. It's terribly hard to contemplate, with the Back To School rush barely over, but the sooner you get started the more money you'll save and the more you'll spread the cost.

This year, we are hoping to get in our novelties and other favourites early; in the meantime we have some bargains to snap up.
Most of our stationary range (musical designs) is at half price right now! and there are still special offers available on guitar covers (were €39 now €30) Hercules guitar stands start at €24.95 and Cort mini stands (incredibly lightweight and useful) 15.95. Music Stands, sturdy, in various colours start at €19.95 with great music carrier bags from €7.95. Mugs from 7.95 (bone china from €9.95)
plus for children! Glockenspiel (blue case, metal keys, lovely tone) €22.95

More and more will be appearing here over the next few weeks so keep an eye out and snap 'em up early !

Thursday 10 September 2009

Back to School!

September...autumn leaves, junior cert results and the inevitable grind of back to school...and back to music lessons and orchestra too.

Things being tight this year for many people, we find our €155 range "Bon Novice" most popular. We also have them in several sizes (1/4 1/2 and 3/4) secondhand at €120 a lot of the time (we automatically offer them in the size needed if we have them but do feel free to ask!)

People also ask us "what's the difference between these and say, something selling at 80 or 90 euro?" The main difference is of course quality - they are better violins. Then they are finished in our own workrooms, by hand, with pegs strings bridge and sound post all fitted perfectly. This ensures that the student violin produces the best sound it is capable of producing and that it is easy to tune and maintain. Ours are instruments to learn on, rather than toys or kits. And of course you get our after sales service - we can adjust anything, correct any problems or indeed tune it up for you :)

The Pallini at €195 is also prooving very popular especially for s=those who have done grade one and want just a little more from their violin for grade 2/3

Cellos start at €595, although they are almost sold out; and of course the Pallini cello outfit at €795 is as popular as ever.

Manuscripts, resin, music stands, music cases, shoulder rests, bows, and some tutor books
(eg Eta Cohen, Susuki etc) are all important for the student player. We have excellent prices on all these items eg lovely music cases from 7.95 and new violin stands from 15.95 euro

Classical Guitars start at 48 euro for a 1/2 size and 70 euro for the full size; with hand made spanish guitars from under 200 euro.

Quality and value for money count more than ever now - get the best, for less :)

Friday 15 May 2009

Anyone for a House Party?

Last night we went to see the Irish house Party at the Lansdowne Hotel ; we've had many tourists mention it and recommend it so we decided to check it out for ourselves - and a fabulous night was had by all!
The house party is hosted by real musicians and it's the answer to the plastic-paddy, tiddlyeye nonsense that so many venues seem to think is what tourists want. However as we at Charlie Byrne's get asked every day for "real" and "authentic" traditional music I think there's very much a need for a proper Irish music night. The Irish House Party is the perfect answer, lots of fun but with real music.

There are several different options; you can go for dinner and the show from 7pm (a very nice dinner and we got to know some of our fellow guests over it, so if you want the full experience definitely opt for this!) or you can simply go for the show itself from 8.30pm. If you're a guest of the hotel you get a discount and they also cater for large groups.

The dinner was lovely, everyone was very pleased with themselves and we got to chat to some New Zealanders. Then the show - there are around 11 musicians connected to the Irish House Party , all of whom are top notch. We were blessed last night with uillean pipes, fiddle, tin whistle and bouzouki/guitar (and I can tell you, it takes a lot to impress me but they managed it from the first reel!)
There's plenty of speil, plenty of audience participation, lots of fun and the presentation is very professional without ever seeming either jaded or perfunctory.
If I won the lotto tomorrow I'd hire them to play at my own damn house party :)

They have CDs on sale, I got one for myself and one for the father-in-law who would have loved it. We're planning on going back during the summer and taking the parents; it's over around 10.30 and that makes it ideal for all age gr0ups. The older more sedate visitor can get to bed on time and the younger ones can get out into the Dublin nightlife without missing anything.

All in all - massive thumbs up! We've linked them from the index page of Charlies Website so bookmark them and next time you need to impress the visitors...take them to a house party.

Thursday 30 April 2009

Xi'An Sí to play Irish Gigs

A recent excellent "find" (well, last year :)) has been the Chinese group Xi'an Sí (pronounced Shi-an Shee) who specialise in playing Irish music (traditional, folk, O'Carrolan etc) on ancient Chinese instruments. Their CD The Xi'An Sessions is superb and one of the most popular independent CDs we've ever stockedread about them, how they came to irish music and their instruments here
Now....we have it on good authority...they're planning to come to Ireland this summer and will be playing a few dates!! One of the group is permanently based here and she's promised to keep us updated about the plans, and we'll announce dates as soon as they are confirmed.This will be a unique opportunity to see a wonderful group live, and I for one will be up front and centre, I'm not missing this :) Fingers crossed they avoid July 4th-19th (holidays)
Let you know as soon as it happens :)

Friday 24 April 2009

Whistle for it!!

We said if we got it, you'd get it and that's what we're doing....any savings we get we pass on to you, dear customer...

Today's Good News
Tony Dixon D Whistle Polymer one piece was €17.00 now €15.00
Tony Dixon D Whistle Polymer two piece was €27.00 now €23.00

Tony Dixon Traditional Brass (adjustable mouthpiece) was €25 now €20
Tony Dixon D Whistle(adjustable mouthpiece) was €25 now €23


Friday 17 April 2009

New CD - Fugato from Absolute Music

Something to uplift and refresh on a rainy day!

New CD from Moya O'Grady(cello), David O'Doherty(violin), Geraldine O'Doherty(harp) and Catherina Lemoni (piano)
inc Wieniawski, Ravel,Chopin, Fauré,Victory,Debussy, Chopin, Piazolla and Villa-labos
only €19.95

A wonderful collection of classics opening with the sublime Wieniawski Scherzo Tarantello Op. 16

To order call 01-4781773, email or call to the shop

Wednesday 8 April 2009

The Emergency Budget Blues Lyrics

Here are ours...

Feel free to add your own !!

Beat the Budget Blues...

Still singing the budget blues ?

I woke up this morning
my wallet was light
someone done stole my
paycheck last night
I got the budget, I got the budget,
emergency budget bluesssss........

So you're going to have a lot of evenings in this summer and we're all swopping the Algarve for the Costa Del Back Garden...remember the 80s? (if you're too young, ask someone my age!) Didn't we have fun? remember summer evenings sitting out, some guy playing guitar and some girl singing? Remember when we used to make our own amusement and it didn't cost an absolute arm and a leg?

So we're all going to have a lot of spare time and no X-box games to play (cos we cant afford them and even Bord Gais electricity rates will be too high so every electrical appliance will be on timers including the TV) What can you do?

Learn something - no not something boring, get an instrument and learn something cool. So what if you're pushing 50? ring up your mates and revive that band you were in - let out your inner Christy Moore or Eric Clapton! The coolest new thing to play is a Ukulele - and it's easy, and the old favourites are guitars,banjos and mandolins.

Pick a piece - think of some piece you adore, you'd love to be able to play - and go for it! So what if it takes months, god knows you've got the time now! Hours of amusement and you can drive your neighbours mad playing the same three bars over and over. Then they'll come round to complain, you'll finally get to meet them and Voila! you're half way to a neighbourhood watch committee.
Throw a Party - I remember years ago every party ended in a singsong, people brought books of song lyrics with them and any spare instrument lying around. Then we got all SATC and chic and no one would dream of picking up a guitar and leading a rousing chorus of Willie MacBride anymore. Well why not indulge in some retro fun, and get everyone to do a party piece. Being cool is over rated...learn the words to American Pie and dig out that tin whistle!

See? there are lots of ways to enjoy ourselves without spending a shedload....invest in your mental health and sing witb me ....
"always look on the bright siiiiiide of life, do do, do do do do do dah!"

Saturday 14 March 2009

The Luck of the Irish!

Well, you'll be very lucky if you come into us next week for a Bodhrán ! We're shut for Monday and Tuesday - happy paddy's day to us! - but from Wednesday to Saturday inclusive there's still 10% off ALL bodhráns. Call in and have a look!

We have Vignoles, Paraic McNeela, First Island, Dublin Bodhráns...
and a very special offer on a tunable 18" Malachy Kearns - was €295, now € an addiitional 10% off this week!

Have a good one!

Wednesday 11 March 2009

St Patrick's Festival Bargains!!

To celebrate St Patrick's Day and the Festival taking place in Dublin over the next week - and to bring a little happiness to the gloom and doom - we've got a fabulous Patrick's Festival offer!

10 % discount off ALL bodhráns - including tunable! - from today March 11th to Saturday March 22nd inc.*

Why not enjoy Ireland's most unique and traditional instrument, the heartbeat of Irish music, a handmade bodhrán: prices start from only €30 (now €27!!) inc Beater and Cover!!

We have First Island, Malachy Kearns, Pariac McNeela, Paul McAuley, and Michael Vignoles.

And......10% off all accessories - covers, beaters, books!

*please note, Charles Byrne is closed on Sunday 15th, Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th

Saturday 14 February 2009

You'll love us!

You'll love us and our new deals....

The R word is becoming almost chic now :) it's good fun trying to find bargains and a way to brighten up even the gloomiest day (and god knows there are a lot of gloomy days recently.)

Sadly we've been forced to put up the price of many strings, as manufacturers worldwide get hit by recession; but we did manage to lower the price of Pirastro Cello Strings! Plus we have new strings that offer great sound at really competitive prices : check our Rotosound Strings for mandolin and Uke and our new TGI strings for Guitar (extralight & light acoustic and Classical) only €3.95!

We also have D'addario Classical pro arte at €9.75, steel string at €6.95 and Boston Irish Tenor Banjo at €4.95

it all adds up!

Wednesday 11 February 2009

It's February and that means...

...New Specials, New products, New music!!!

We have some really special new products designed to beat the credit crunch and keep the wolves of recession at bay :)

First up is great news for Traditional musicians with the new Tony Dixon one-piece low D whistle in polymer for only.....€45! Or the New Tony Dixon A whistle €50.
We have a great deal for guitarists....Extra light and Light guage steel strings for €3.95 a set and classical guitar strings €3.95 per set
We have ENO clip on tuners suitable for all stringed instruments (both clip on and mic) only €19.95!

Check back for new Book sale - coming soon and a very special one off Deering handmade Banjo offer!

Wednesday 28 January 2009

January Specials......Last Three Days

The last days of January are upon us and Spring starts on Sunday - so grab the last bargains from January. 25% off all acoustic guitars, reductions on Gianinni and Manual Serrano Spanish Guitars; selected covers reduced. Half Price books and more half price stationary and novelties. Go on, treat yourself :)
Or just check out Charles Byrne and see what else we have for the discerning Musician!

Friday 23 January 2009

One Week Left! January Specials

There's one week left and a few specials still available!
Offers end January 31st!

We have a (very limited) amount of Steel String Guitars - inc Countryman or Brunswick €86.95 (were €115) and Tanglewood guitar inc cover and accessories €141.75 (were €189) These must go!

We have one only Craviola by Giannini inc pickup (steel string) €1046.95 (was €1395)

We have one only Conga Djembe (white and black) 24" high, 12/13" head, was €180 HALF PRICE €90
Malachy Kearns 18" tuneable Bodhrán including cover and beater €250 (was €295, one only left)

Also still on special offer - Half Price on Stationary inc Notebooks etc, Selected Books Half Price and selected Music Carriers (plastic folders with strap, music design) Half Price

We do have a very special offer on Deering Handmade Tenor Banjos, inc case, Shortneck.....coming soon !

Friday 16 January 2009

Kinsman Heavy Mandolin Cover

Again, this is a limited offer, we have a very few in stock. The original Kinsman very heavy duty, leatherette finish, heavily padded Mandolin Gig Bag, suitable for most standard size and shapes; used to retail at €70 - now only €50. We can't replace these so grab them now! (pictured aboce with standard size mandolin)

Thursday 15 January 2009

January Sale - Limited Stock Special Offers! Only til Jan31st

Okay you lovely lot, we have a few- very few- very special offers just until January if you are a guitarist today is your lucky day.

We have Hiscox Standard Classical and Acoustic Guitar Cases - amazingly strong cases, highly regarded - were €135, now €114.75
Hiscox Professional Classical Cases were €165 and the Acoustic Models were €175 now BOTH €140.25!

AND Admira Elena model.... handmade, in Spain, Advanced level Classical Guitar, Cutaway shape (not with electrics) was €1200 now available at €1050 including hard case.

We have very few in stock so pop in quickly!

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Finding Charlie's Music Shop....

Now it's even easier to find us using Google Maps! We've updated our Location Page
to show Charlie's on a searchable, zoomable google map. Aren't Google maps the best thing ever? :) Love them. I have absolutely no sense of direction so a good map/sat nav system is a must for me, and I use google maps all the time to figure out where on earth I am, need to be, should have been before I got lost!

And of course if this still isn't enough just ring us and we'll talk you through it :) Of course you can always order over the phone and save yourself the trip! we take Visa, Mastercard, Laser etc

View Larger Map

Tuesday 13 January 2009

January Special Offer: Bodhrán

We have a lovely, handmade 18" bodhrán from Malachy Kearns - Tunable - including beater and cover was €295 now €250, very limited stock! A really good session bodhrán with great tone and volume.

Tuesday 6 January 2009

Happy New Year, Music Lovers

Well Charlie Byrne's opened again this morning - the building was freezing and we were forced to get breakfast in the Kylemore while it heated up :) Really, it was too cold at half eight to sit here and defrost the teapot. But we opened bright and early anyway...and now it's time to see what we can offer for the New Year!

We have a very limited amount of steel string guitars at 25% discount, from around €86.50 upwards including one or two Tanglewood Packs that were €189 but now €141.95! We also have until the end of January 25% discount on handmade Moon guitars and Giannini Craviola.

We have discounts on selected books, from Half price on some tutors and collections; and we have a limited amount of tuners and covers on discount too!
And still some great offers on a range of CDS and DVDs

And tomorrow we'll see what else we can find :) so til then Happy New Year, Happy Back to School and Happy Back to Work. And if you've made any good resolutions let us know :)

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