Thursday 19 November 2009

Chopin Bags - Practical and Pretty!

Another Christmas Special for your delectation...Sturdy Lightweight shopping bags bearing the legend "The Chopin Bag" - practical and pretty and only €6.95
Only limited stock at the moment
These are the perfect size for shopping with strong handles - ideal as a gift for teachers, friends, musicians.

Christmas Specials - Novelties all in!

It's really looking like Christmas now; we have our christmas Musical gifts novelties in! And what's more we have fabulous prices on old favourites and some great new gifts.

Firstly we're delighted the be able to offer our fabulous Christmas Crackers at very special prices. Last year the original crackers, 8 per box with 8 whistles and songsheet, and conductor's set were €19.95 - this year we have them at the unbelievable price of €11.95!

The newly introduced Handbell sets of crackers - 8 crackers, each with a handbell plus hat, and a conductor's songsheet - were €29.95 . This year we have them at €21.95 - making a musical xmas dinner all the sweeter...

Other novelties in today include men's ties - in really excellent new designs including guitars, trumpets, brass, notes and treble clef and more - are now available from only €8.95 (down from €13.95)

Stocking-fillers are coming in fast and furious and we have great offers -

  • NoteCracker books (small and very useful) covering Guitar Chords, Music Theory, Music Jokes & Quotes and Music Trivia each only €3.25

  • Dye-cast collectable Parers - Violin, Harp, Grand Piano, Sax and Electric Guitar only €5.95

  • Treble Clef shaped Drinking Straws in bright colours only €1

  • Treble Clef shaped Pencils in vibrant metallic colours only €1.95

  • Playing Cards in Music Designs (treble clef and sheet music) only €2.95
  • Cufflinks (unboxed) in treble clef and piano keyboard only €8.95

And that's not this space!

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Xmas Comes Early Special Offer: Cello Cases

Xmas Comes Early Special Offers

We'll be running lots of Xmas Comes Early Special Offers throughout November, helping to make the Christmas budget stretch a little further for all our musicians. And to start with we have a fabulous one.

Hiscox Cello cases, with wheels were 420 now €360! and without wheels were €399 now €340

While Stocks last!

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