Thursday 13 August 2015

"Um I have a stupid question..."..#noquestionisstupid #neverbeafraidtoask

Something we hear a lot is "Um, I have a question, it's probably really stupid..." or "I'm embarrassed to be asking, obviously I should know this...."
It's a cliché but....there really IS no such thing as a stupid question. Well, ok, The people who came in asking us if we repaired washing machines or the woman who became very irate when I wouldn't re-heel her shoe came dangerously close. But if it's about music, or an instrument, there is no question you should fear to ask.

There are lots of people - from beginners to professionals and teachers! - who know a lot about playing, or music theory or technique, but relatively little about the mechanics of an instrument or its maintenance and repair. There is no way that everyone can know everything; and if you didn't have questions we'd soon be out of business! Sometimes yes, it might be surprising that you've played years without hearing a particular fact but that's all it is - surprising. It doesn't mean you're silly, or that you have been slacking off :)

Also, with so much information online these days sometimes we assume that people know things, or have researched it, when in fact - not unreasonably - they expect to hear it from the seller, or the teacher.

SO as the season of new courses, new lessons, and back to school descends upon us - please feel free to ask. We don't mind. We actually enjoy talking about strings, bows, new products, different types of instruments and more. And what we don't know - we'll shamelessly google for you !

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