Wednesday 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From Charlie Byrne's

We're closing up at three pm and we'll be shut until January 6th; so to all our customers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and peaceful New Year. It was nice getting to say it in person to so many people today - although shocking that so many of you left your Christmas shopping to the last moment!! Hope you all have a very good holiday; and may 2009 bring all good things.
See you all Next Year!

Tuesday 23 December 2008

Two Days of Shopping....

Has the panic set in yet? Well, if not it should be - you have today and tomorrow and then it's too late :)
Okay, so you forgot to get presents for the next door neighbour and your second cousin is about to call with her children and you haven't even as much as a Belgian chocolate in the house to wrap up.
But there are tips to surviving and here they are - remember it's only one day and the words "I left your present in work, sure I'll drop it into you in the new year" were invented for this very reason. Also any gift given should be given because you want to give it, not because you feel you have to. And you're not psychic so if someone catches you unawares you can be forgiven for not knowing in advance they were about to surprise you!

And if you still need a gift, there are still some great bargains to be had in Stationary, mugs, cufflinks and phone charms not to mention chopping boards, aprons and other novelties with fabulous music designs.

If you're stuck for ideas, get them a gift voucher - and remember our vouchers don't expire :)

If you know what they want - what strings they use, or what resin; whether they'd like a Xi'an Sí CD or a ukulele ; or perhaps a Tin Whistle, Low Whistle or Flute, bodhran, bones or spoons just pop in - we're here today from 9-5.30 and Christmas Eve from 10 - 3pm (sharp)

SO don't panic... there's a cool musical gift waiting for them right here!

Thursday 18 December 2008

Banjos Banjos everywhere....and some mandolins!

We were delighted to get new Banjos in today - we've been running very low! But as of this morning we have Tenor and G-banjo from €140 - really nice beginners banjos with a pleasant sound. Then we have very nice ones in both G and Tenor at €157; expecially good value ones including hard case start at €195!
For the more advanced player, or someone wants to start with an intermediate level instrument - tenor banjo's are available at €220, €395, €440 (inc cover) and €695 while G banjos include ones at €220. €395 (Hofner g banjo in hard case) €440 and €695.
For the very special present :) - we have handmade Deering tenor banjos at €1595 including hard case...a lovely model with rich tone and volume.

We also got in fresh Mandolin stocks so....we have Mandolins from €115 and including a special offer, the countryman scroll style mandolin at €185. Hofner hand made mandolin including hard case is €595 and the Giannini including hard case €895. Lots of choice for beginner, and advanced!

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Vouchers - Christmas made easy

Those of you listening to Pat Kenny over the last few days will surely have heard the segment on Vouchers - or rather on how some shops won't honour vouchers. You may have heard my email on Thursday or the mention we got yesterday - we absolutely disagree with putting any kind of expiry date or renewal fee on vouchers and we said so :)
When you buy a voucher from us, we see that as being as good as money; and until money gets an expiry date, our vouchers remain valid...

There are several ways to buy a voucher, the best way is to pop into the shop; we'll give you a nice music themed card with the amount plus a receipt as back up in case you or the recipient lose their vouchers (easily done, as I know to my cost!)
You can also buy through Paypal, on our website but be sure to check whether Paypal charge your account/country a fee for processing. (If you buy in the shop obviously there is no fee and we do not benefit from any fee that Paypal charges the buyer.)

A voucher can be used against any purchase in the retail section. If you have a balance left over you can hold on to it until you want to use matter how long that takes :)

Saturday 13 December 2008

Santa shops at Charlie Byrne's...

We've been asked all week for stocking fillers and Kris Kindle gifts under €5 and €10: so we thought we'd share some of the combinations we've managed to put together for Santa :) with lots of novelties now at half price we're not stuck for choice....e.g.
2 Notebooks at €1.25 each (2.50 total) teamed with pencils at 95c and erasers at €1 (total €4.45)
or 1 Notebook €1.25 and 1 x Large metallic treble clef pencil €2.95 total €4.20
or Writing paper €2.60 with Quaver Pen €2.95 total € 5 for the set!
or Writing paper €2.60 and Envelope €2.60 for €5 for the set...
Or Notebook €1.25, Writing Paper €2.60 and Post-it notes for €5
or Notebook €1.25, Post-it Notes €1.25 and pencil .95 only €345
With Pencils, Erasers, Notebooks, Post-its, Envelopes and Writing paper to choose from, it's easy to make a nice combination for the music fan in your family or friends!

Then you have a set of 2 coasters, €2.50 or phone charms €4.95 or Music Fact Packs €2.25, playing cards €3.95 or teatowels €5 or pencil cases €5
If you want to go the little bit higher, bones china mugs are €9.95 and coffee mugs are €7.95; Aprons are €9.95; Large Pencil cases from €6 and much more!
If you want a hand just ask and we'll help you choose :)

Make no Bones about it.....

Real Bones are best! We have sets of Real Bones in stock again, handmade and a traditional instrument like no of course wooden bones for those who prefer them :) Still, these are a real harkening back to a bygone era, and something intrinsically "folk".

Aluminum Low Whistle by Tony Dixon

New! Tony Dixon has added to his already fabulous range with the Low D Aluminum ... only €120 ! with polymer adjustable mouthpiece, this is a lovely mellow affordable Low D.
Fresh in and already popular :)

Plus we have the Low D polymer two piece back in stock, still at the great price of €90

Friday 12 December 2008

Violins, Old and New

Just sitting here listening to a client playing on one of our intermediate student instruments...there are some fabulous modern handmade ones between €595 and €1500 - including some Stamitz (Czech) and Hofner (German) A cut above the average student violin and suitable for the player who really doesn't want to spend over €1500 but wants a noticeably improved tone and timbre. Even those at the cheaper end, the six and seven hundred euro ranges, are handmade, and well made, with more tonal resonance and depth than the beginner ranges.
Of course for the advanced student there's also plenty of options; including older restored instruments from around €2,225 ; and a range of different "voices" - dark tones, sweet and light, rich and mellow. Maybe the present you buy for yourself this Christmas :)

Thursday 11 December 2008

Christmas is coming...and we have sweet music!

It's just under two weeks to Christmas now! and we're celebrating the final countdown with lots of special offers...
We have fabulous Chromatic tuners from TGI - slimline, white, very modern and chic, with a pickup unit to attach to your instruments bridge or machine head - they were €14.95 now €12.00! A brilliant gift, or stocking filler for any stringed instrument player.
We also have Boston Guitar / Chromatic Tuners from €15
We have loads of books on special offer - half price! inclding Gypsy Violin, Ragtime tutors, and FAQ's for guitar players. We have the Hofnung Cartoons in books only €6.50 - that's Half Price!

There are other great savings, from guitar covers to flutes - rosewood flute was €150 now €100 and ebony were €300 now €200

And of course, it's time to get your stockingfillers - pencils from 95c and notebooks at half price (now €1.25, lots of great designs "drop me a note" "a quick note" etc) and writing paper and envelopes all €2.25, with parers and erasers and mugs and coasters and absolutely loads of gifts for under €10 (most under €5!)
Pens shaped like quavers! €2.95 loevly metallic pencils shaped like treble clefs €2.95 or treble clef pens €1.95
Phone Charms are one of the most popular gifts this year only €4.95 in absolutely great designs and if you want to really wake them up, give a small instrument! mini maracas only €6 for a pair! or Egg Shakers from €3.95, tambourines from €9.95; bells from €9.95 and large bell sticks less than €16!
There's so much you can give this year without breaking the bank - so why not give them the gift of music :)

Thursday 4 December 2008

A bodhrán is not just for Christmas....

A great gift for christmas, is the auld Bodhrán. It ticks so many boxes; it's an actual instrument, it is a unique part of Irish traditional music, it's beautiful, it can be decorative or functional and if you give one to the right person, it can drive everyone in their house insane on Christmas day (we obviously don't encourage that kind of thing, you understand, but if you should happen to...)
Sean O'Riada reputedly said the best way to play a Bodhrán was with a knife; but he obviously had never indulged in the glorious creations of Michael Vignoles, Paul McAuley, Paraic McNeela, and others.
Nor is it an expensive item! For something that gives hours of amusement and opens up a world of music and playing to people they are extremely affordable. A handmade 12" with bag and beater consts €30, 16" with bag and beater €45 - the same in 18" with bag and beater costs €50.
More professional level bodhráns start at €60 for an 18" (again with cover and beater) and there are lovely 14". 16" and 18" from €85 - €90.
A new aspect of the Bodhrán in the last 30 years has been the Tunable Bodhrán - in the last ten years they have gone from large, overweight rather awkward beings to deep-toned, beautifully finished, resonant and easy to use creations. Usually available from €130 apx, they come in a wide variety of depth, size and tone.
DVDs and books abound, everything you need to get started; and the true beauty of the bodhrán is that it gives as much pleasure to the solitary musician as to the extrovert performer. As a stress buster, it can hardly be bettered - just let the rhythm take over......

Wednesday 3 December 2008

Happy Christmas, mandolin lovers!

We have a great bargain in today!

Countryman Mandolin scroll design ONLY €90

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Christmas Specials Steel Guitars - Part Two

So now you know what we have in special offers on Classical Guitars what about Steel String Guitars?
Well for a start....we have 25% off ALL steel string guitars. Yes. 25%. no, it's not a joke. 25% off ALL steel string guitars.
For example...Moon Handmade steel string guitars were €1825 25% discount €1368; or €2150 25% discount €1613 and they come with Hiscox Hard Cases!
OR Craviolas from Brazil were €1395 10% discount €1047; €620 10% discount €465 including padded covers
or for the beginner....Countryman and Brunswick guitars were €115 now €86.25 !!
You could pick up a Tanglewood pack including cover, excellent Tanglewood guitar and accessories was €129 now €96.75 or €189 now €141.75
At these prices they're going fast, so if you want a real bargain in a steel string guitar pop into the shop!

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