Saturday 10 March 2007

Saturday in the City

We're having a busy morning in here and it's great to see the tourists return! Lots of happy faces around, on holidays and weekends away, in advance of Paddy's Day next weekend. With only two of our three staff members in this month we're a bit short staffed and on slightly shorter hours than normal; we shut at 4.30 on a saturday and 5pm on a weekday. It's such a lovely day out there, I'm surprised anyone is in town (I wouldn't be if I could help it :) ) but it's certainly nice to see so many tourists out and about!

Obviously our bodhran sale is a big draw as are the reductions on books etc; but whistles, bones, spoons, and larger traditional instruments are prooving very popular too!

If you're out and about in town today, enjoy the sunny Saturday atmosphere!

(think of us trapped in here in the gloom while you're out there enjoying yourselves! :) )

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