Tuesday 6 January 2009

Happy New Year, Music Lovers

Well Charlie Byrne's opened again this morning - the building was freezing and we were forced to get breakfast in the Kylemore while it heated up :) Really, it was too cold at half eight to sit here and defrost the teapot. But we opened bright and early anyway...and now it's time to see what we can offer for the New Year!

We have a very limited amount of steel string guitars at 25% discount, from around €86.50 upwards including one or two Tanglewood Packs that were €189 but now €141.95! We also have until the end of January 25% discount on handmade Moon guitars and Giannini Craviola.

We have discounts on selected books, from Half price on some tutors and collections; and we have a limited amount of tuners and covers on discount too!
And still some great offers on a range of CDS and DVDs

And tomorrow we'll see what else we can find :) so til then Happy New Year, Happy Back to School and Happy Back to Work. And if you've made any good resolutions let us know :)

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