Saturday 14 February 2009

You'll love us!

You'll love us and our new deals....

The R word is becoming almost chic now :) it's good fun trying to find bargains and a way to brighten up even the gloomiest day (and god knows there are a lot of gloomy days recently.)

Sadly we've been forced to put up the price of many strings, as manufacturers worldwide get hit by recession; but we did manage to lower the price of Pirastro Cello Strings! Plus we have new strings that offer great sound at really competitive prices : check our Rotosound Strings for mandolin and Uke and our new TGI strings for Guitar (extralight & light acoustic and Classical) only €3.95!

We also have D'addario Classical pro arte at €9.75, steel string at €6.95 and Boston Irish Tenor Banjo at €4.95

it all adds up!

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