Wednesday 18 May 2011

Get Cat Stevens or learn to play Bodhrán at a knock down price :)

From May 18th to June 10th inc: 10% off ALL books including popular titles eg Stefan Hannigan Bodhrán Tutors, Tin Whistle Session Books, Mel Bay Tutor Books, Mel Bay Pocket Books etc

Also at 10% off are the very popular "play along" series, which come with a cd of backing music for the aspiring violinist to play along with, plus the book of sheet music and these include classical, tv themes, movie music and chart/pop hits. Extremely popular with teenagers and any learner looking for a break from the standards and exam music.

Plus selected titles half price and under! We have some unusual titles, from Swing Solos for Fiddle, to Improvisations for Celtic Music, to anthologies of artists such as Dido, Robbie Williams, Dove, Cat Stevens and more.

Also included in the "half price and under" section are a collection of really good tutors and technique books for cello, at really excellent prices.

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