Thursday 30 June 2011

July 1st (tomorrow) is Fiver Friday!

July 1st Friday Fiver!

FIVER FRIDAY - LIVELINE AND JOE DUFFY are delighted to take part in Liveline's Joe duffy's excellent initiative, Fiver Friday. Spend a fiver locally on Friday July 1st and support your local businesses. As a reward, avail of lots of Fiver Friday offers! Our Offer - Any purchase between 5 and 8 euro...yours for a FIVER - Any purchase between 10 and 16 euro....yours for a TENNER Buying something else on Friday? Sad to miss the opportunity? We will give you a voucher to use ANY DAY !! So call in on Friday July 1st and whatever you buy you'll be part of Fiver Friday. Books, Strings, accessories, tin whistles and more all qualify.


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