Tuesday 22 November 2011

Santa's Stockingfillers are in! Music Design Chocs, Jewellery, Mugs and more!

This year people want funny, unique, practical, stockingfillers - and most of all value for money!
We have a fabulous range of presents for the musician in your life - big or small. And all at the best price we can manage.
The really big news this year - chocolates. UK made chocs using Belgian Chocolate, all boxed - shaped like violins, pianos, guitars - €5.95 - and packets of mini pianos too, €4.95
These are ideal stockingfillers or kris kindle gifts, they look fabulous without costing a fortune, they're unique and they're very very tasty.....not that we've sampled the stock or anything!!

Other new items - new mugs, new ties, new journals, new manuscript books, new jewellery and cufflinks!
check out NOVELTIES for all the details...

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