Tuesday 20 March 2012

Mark Henderson Photographic Exhibition @ The Bar with No Name Fade St (Charlie's Portrait)

Charlie sat for his photograph with mark Henderson as part of this great project! Pop in and spot him in the Bar with No Name, Fade Street, Dublin2


In March 2012, photographer Mark Henderson set up a temporary portrait studio in an empty old Georgian terrace house on South William Street. The local community were invited to call in and sit for a portrait.
The resulting photographs include a diverse range of individuals who live or work within the locality and features artists, designers, chefs, musicians, hairdressers and local raconteurs, creating a unique series of images that collectively provide a snapshot of life in Dublin’s Creative Quarter.
The exhibition is presented in association with the St Patricks Festival and Dublin City Bid and with thanks to The Bar With No Name.
The portraits will be shown at The Bar With No Name, Fade Street, as part of St Patricks Festival 2012 from Friday 16th March 2012.
About Mark Henderson:
Mark Henderson has worked extensively in the worlds of youth culture, music, design and travel. Much of Marks work involves subjects that are intimately connected to his life experience. The main themes often touch upon social and cultural identity, and he has previously exhibited at the Design Museum in London, Artworks Gallery in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and at MOMA in New York.
Mark is based in Dublin, and is currently working on a film and photographic documentary series focusing on Irish designer/makers.


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