Tuesday 4 November 2008

Christmas Specials - Starting early!

Well we don't have to tell you there's a recession on; you'd have to be living on a different planet these last months not to know that. Unlike many though, we're optimistic - the economy will swing back upwards again in a while. Til then, we're all for sniffing out bargains, and getting the best value you can for your money - and Christmas is an ideal time to trim the fat, cut the waste and look for gifts that are both practical and fun.

Many people are looking to buy instruments as presents; particularly if you have a talent in the family, someone enthusiastic about their music, why not get that upgrade as part of their Christmas gift, rather than as a separate expense during the year? Bows, strings, accessories like violin cases... all make excellent gifts, that won't lose their value once the xmas frenzy is over.

We have an incredible early sale on Acoustic Steel string guitars at the moment, but stock is limited! we have 25% off ALL acoustic steel string guitars starting at €86.50 for a Hohner Countryman. There's also bargains to be had in selected Classical guitars and in gigbags.

If you just want the fun gifts, there are bargains to be had in novelties! Lots of stationary - writing paper, envelopes, post- its are an unbelievable HALF PRICE! As well as selected books, including Tangos for fiddle players, and modern collections from Tom Waites, Dido, and others. Music carriers in lovely colours and designs start at €7.95 and we have pencils, erasers etc from 95c.

One lovely gift this year is the Children';s Glockenspiel, a great instrument in a blue case for only €23.95 and another is the children's 1/4 size guitar at €27.95!

there's more! XI'An Sí have produced their CD the Xi'An Sessions for €14.95 making it an ideal xmas gift and we have 2 cds for €20 and 3 cds for €30 special offers on selected cds!

So check it out!

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