Wednesday 19 November 2008

RIng in Christmas and the New Year!!

Ding Dong Merrily on High...sorry couldn't resist :)

We're having a great time now, because the Christmas Crackers have arrived - the red ones we've had before...they each contain a whistle, tuned to a different note, that you can use to play great tunes! There are hats, song sheets, numbered badges, a conductors badge, easy instructions - the most tone deaf guest can join in.

But now we also have Handbell Crackers! Huge, Luxury size crackers each containing a handbell, with songsheets, and instructions. Follow the Leader to create tunes from Christmas Carols to famous songs... with hat, and joke as well.
These are just the best fun you can have around a dinner table!
Also new in are bone china mugs, phone charms (only €4.95! the ideal Stocking Filler) and fridge magnets.....check them out!

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