Wednesday 8 April 2009

Beat the Budget Blues...

Still singing the budget blues ?

I woke up this morning
my wallet was light
someone done stole my
paycheck last night
I got the budget, I got the budget,
emergency budget bluesssss........

So you're going to have a lot of evenings in this summer and we're all swopping the Algarve for the Costa Del Back Garden...remember the 80s? (if you're too young, ask someone my age!) Didn't we have fun? remember summer evenings sitting out, some guy playing guitar and some girl singing? Remember when we used to make our own amusement and it didn't cost an absolute arm and a leg?

So we're all going to have a lot of spare time and no X-box games to play (cos we cant afford them and even Bord Gais electricity rates will be too high so every electrical appliance will be on timers including the TV) What can you do?

Learn something - no not something boring, get an instrument and learn something cool. So what if you're pushing 50? ring up your mates and revive that band you were in - let out your inner Christy Moore or Eric Clapton! The coolest new thing to play is a Ukulele - and it's easy, and the old favourites are guitars,banjos and mandolins.

Pick a piece - think of some piece you adore, you'd love to be able to play - and go for it! So what if it takes months, god knows you've got the time now! Hours of amusement and you can drive your neighbours mad playing the same three bars over and over. Then they'll come round to complain, you'll finally get to meet them and Voila! you're half way to a neighbourhood watch committee.
Throw a Party - I remember years ago every party ended in a singsong, people brought books of song lyrics with them and any spare instrument lying around. Then we got all SATC and chic and no one would dream of picking up a guitar and leading a rousing chorus of Willie MacBride anymore. Well why not indulge in some retro fun, and get everyone to do a party piece. Being cool is over rated...learn the words to American Pie and dig out that tin whistle!

See? there are lots of ways to enjoy ourselves without spending a shedload....invest in your mental health and sing witb me ....
"always look on the bright siiiiiide of life, do do, do do do do do dah!"

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