Thursday 30 April 2009

Xi'An Sí to play Irish Gigs

A recent excellent "find" (well, last year :)) has been the Chinese group Xi'an Sí (pronounced Shi-an Shee) who specialise in playing Irish music (traditional, folk, O'Carrolan etc) on ancient Chinese instruments. Their CD The Xi'An Sessions is superb and one of the most popular independent CDs we've ever stockedread about them, how they came to irish music and their instruments here
Now....we have it on good authority...they're planning to come to Ireland this summer and will be playing a few dates!! One of the group is permanently based here and she's promised to keep us updated about the plans, and we'll announce dates as soon as they are confirmed.This will be a unique opportunity to see a wonderful group live, and I for one will be up front and centre, I'm not missing this :) Fingers crossed they avoid July 4th-19th (holidays)
Let you know as soon as it happens :)

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