Saturday 2 July 2011

Cladadgh Bodhráns "Notch" Bodhrán pn Drivetime interview.

For those asking, the bodhrán I played on the Drivetime interview is a Michael Vignoles from Claddagh Bodhráns,"notch" design. It's a 16" tunable bodhrán with long tuning keys, and a "notch" cut out at each key for ease of tuning. It has a reddish rim and is generally a lovely lightish, responsive drum. I think even as background it really stands out and I'm delighted so many people liked the sound of it!

Other drums we stock include more Claddagh ones, a full range from 12" packages up to professional level tunable 18" ones; Paraic McNeela ranges from an excellent 14" and 16" student package up to professional deep rimmed and tunable; malachy kearns and First Island bodhráns, and Paul McAuley Bodhráns, all excellent options.

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