Friday 1 July 2011

Drivetime, RTE radio 1, from 4.30 pm today! Unique to Dublin

Just back from the delicious Accents cafe here on Stephen Street, where I met a lovely group of women (Ruth from Om Diva, Lisa from That's Knit, Elizabeth from BID and Anna from Accents Cafe) to talk about BID's Unique to Dublin campaign this weekend. Excellent chat, a lovely interviewer from Drivetime and despite feeling a bit nervous a nice interview.
Tune into Drivetime this evening from 4.30 pm and you'll hear a great group of women talk about their businesses. And you even hear me play the bodhrán!

Our "Unique to Dublin" Offer - Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of July 10% off all handmade Irish Bodhráns

And don't forget Fiver Friday as well! Any purchase between 5 and 8 euro - yours for a fiver. Any purchase between 10 and 16 euro...yours for a tenner. And if you can't take advantage today we will give you a voucher so you can have Fiver Friday anyday!

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