Thursday 17 September 2009

Xmas comes early this year....

Well not really, but preparing for Xmas comes early this year, in the current recession!

Don't get me wrong, we're traditionalists. Before Christmas, comes Hallow Een or Samhain. Decorations shouldn't go up before December and the famous crib goes in the window the second week of December. Some things are set in stone!

But every year I harbour a fantasy of completing my shopping in October, and avoiding last minute rushing and especially last minute panic purchases - where you spend twice as much for something you are only half sure about. With the R word hanging over us, that alone is a good reason to start looking for affordable gifts that people will love, early rather than later. It's terribly hard to contemplate, with the Back To School rush barely over, but the sooner you get started the more money you'll save and the more you'll spread the cost.

This year, we are hoping to get in our novelties and other favourites early; in the meantime we have some bargains to snap up.
Most of our stationary range (musical designs) is at half price right now! and there are still special offers available on guitar covers (were €39 now €30) Hercules guitar stands start at €24.95 and Cort mini stands (incredibly lightweight and useful) 15.95. Music Stands, sturdy, in various colours start at €19.95 with great music carrier bags from €7.95. Mugs from 7.95 (bone china from €9.95)
plus for children! Glockenspiel (blue case, metal keys, lovely tone) €22.95

More and more will be appearing here over the next few weeks so keep an eye out and snap 'em up early !

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