Thursday 10 September 2009

Back to School!

September...autumn leaves, junior cert results and the inevitable grind of back to school...and back to music lessons and orchestra too.

Things being tight this year for many people, we find our €155 range "Bon Novice" most popular. We also have them in several sizes (1/4 1/2 and 3/4) secondhand at €120 a lot of the time (we automatically offer them in the size needed if we have them but do feel free to ask!)

People also ask us "what's the difference between these and say, something selling at 80 or 90 euro?" The main difference is of course quality - they are better violins. Then they are finished in our own workrooms, by hand, with pegs strings bridge and sound post all fitted perfectly. This ensures that the student violin produces the best sound it is capable of producing and that it is easy to tune and maintain. Ours are instruments to learn on, rather than toys or kits. And of course you get our after sales service - we can adjust anything, correct any problems or indeed tune it up for you :)

The Pallini at €195 is also prooving very popular especially for s=those who have done grade one and want just a little more from their violin for grade 2/3

Cellos start at €595, although they are almost sold out; and of course the Pallini cello outfit at €795 is as popular as ever.

Manuscripts, resin, music stands, music cases, shoulder rests, bows, and some tutor books
(eg Eta Cohen, Susuki etc) are all important for the student player. We have excellent prices on all these items eg lovely music cases from 7.95 and new violin stands from 15.95 euro

Classical Guitars start at 48 euro for a 1/2 size and 70 euro for the full size; with hand made spanish guitars from under 200 euro.

Quality and value for money count more than ever now - get the best, for less :)

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