Thursday 24 September 2009

Preponderance of The Small Exhibition (Douglas Hyde Gallery)

Sneak Preview!

This month we're excited to be part of the Preponderance of The Small Exhibition (Douglas Hyde Gallery)
The exhibition is described as :
Preponderance of The Small, an off-site project which forms part of The Douglas Hyde Gallery's ongoing Gallery 3 initiative, features works by twenty-one younger artists working in Ireland.Each artist is exhibiting at one of twenty-one locations in and around Trinity College, creating a trail of artworks.

This is intended to give the viewer the opportunity to look anew at more familiar locations, while also highlighting spaces that are often overlooked.The title, which derives from a hexagram in the Chinese I-Ching, or Book of Changes, points to the great power and value of small things. In a rapidly changing culture, at a time when many of yesterday's monumental gestures have proved to be empty, grandiose artistic statements seem superfluous. This exhibition is intended to question how we attribute value in today's culture, and to suggest that it is in small things that we may find our way forward.

Our piece, an unititled mixed media installation by Kate Maher, is in the larger of our two windows; please feel free to come and look, and pick up a map to the other exhibits.

The exhibition has an online presence in the form of a blog which will be updated during the course of the exhibition; it can be visited at:

Maps to the exhibits can be downloaded at

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