Saturday 13 December 2008

Santa shops at Charlie Byrne's...

We've been asked all week for stocking fillers and Kris Kindle gifts under €5 and €10: so we thought we'd share some of the combinations we've managed to put together for Santa :) with lots of novelties now at half price we're not stuck for choice....e.g.
2 Notebooks at €1.25 each (2.50 total) teamed with pencils at 95c and erasers at €1 (total €4.45)
or 1 Notebook €1.25 and 1 x Large metallic treble clef pencil €2.95 total €4.20
or Writing paper €2.60 with Quaver Pen €2.95 total € 5 for the set!
or Writing paper €2.60 and Envelope €2.60 for €5 for the set...
Or Notebook €1.25, Writing Paper €2.60 and Post-it notes for €5
or Notebook €1.25, Post-it Notes €1.25 and pencil .95 only €345
With Pencils, Erasers, Notebooks, Post-its, Envelopes and Writing paper to choose from, it's easy to make a nice combination for the music fan in your family or friends!

Then you have a set of 2 coasters, €2.50 or phone charms €4.95 or Music Fact Packs €2.25, playing cards €3.95 or teatowels €5 or pencil cases €5
If you want to go the little bit higher, bones china mugs are €9.95 and coffee mugs are €7.95; Aprons are €9.95; Large Pencil cases from €6 and much more!
If you want a hand just ask and we'll help you choose :)

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