Thursday 18 December 2008

Banjos Banjos everywhere....and some mandolins!

We were delighted to get new Banjos in today - we've been running very low! But as of this morning we have Tenor and G-banjo from €140 - really nice beginners banjos with a pleasant sound. Then we have very nice ones in both G and Tenor at €157; expecially good value ones including hard case start at €195!
For the more advanced player, or someone wants to start with an intermediate level instrument - tenor banjo's are available at €220, €395, €440 (inc cover) and €695 while G banjos include ones at €220. €395 (Hofner g banjo in hard case) €440 and €695.
For the very special present :) - we have handmade Deering tenor banjos at €1595 including hard case...a lovely model with rich tone and volume.

We also got in fresh Mandolin stocks so....we have Mandolins from €115 and including a special offer, the countryman scroll style mandolin at €185. Hofner hand made mandolin including hard case is €595 and the Giannini including hard case €895. Lots of choice for beginner, and advanced!

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