Tuesday 2 December 2008

Christmas Specials Steel Guitars - Part Two

So now you know what we have in special offers on Classical Guitars what about Steel String Guitars?
Well for a start....we have 25% off ALL steel string guitars. Yes. 25%. no, it's not a joke. 25% off ALL steel string guitars.
For example...Moon Handmade steel string guitars were €1825 25% discount €1368; or €2150 25% discount €1613 and they come with Hiscox Hard Cases!
OR Craviolas from Brazil were €1395 10% discount €1047; €620 10% discount €465 including padded covers
or for the beginner....Countryman and Brunswick guitars were €115 now €86.25 !!
You could pick up a Tanglewood pack including cover, excellent Tanglewood guitar and accessories was €129 now €96.75 or €189 now €141.75
At these prices they're going fast, so if you want a real bargain in a steel string guitar pop into the shop!

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